Village Story GamePlay:

Train your brain with one of the best puzzle games at Friv4 kids games 2019 called Village Story. It brings you to different situations and your mission is to solve the puzzle in each level. There are in total of 13 challenging levels. Each level has different scenes and rules. You have to complete the current level to unlock the next stage.


Basically, people, animals, and so on want to cross the river using raft. Each character has their own requirement that you have to satisfy of all them. For example, in the first level, a farmer wants to cross the river and take with him a tiger, a sheep and a carrot. This farmer is the only one who can steer the raft. He can only take one passenger each turn. You know that you can’t leave both tiger and sheep alone or both sheep and carrot alone because the tiger will eat the sheep and the sheep will eat a carrot.


So, you must find out the best way to take them to other side of the river and keep all of them alive. This friv to play game challenges your problem-solving skills. It doesn’t offer limited time or moves, so you can freely try all ways that you think it’s possible. Besides, if you get stuck in any level, you can use hint to make the mission clear. Let’s use your thinking ability and wisdom to solve all levels in the shortest time.


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Use your mouse to play.

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