The Saboteur GamePlay:

The Saboteur free game is so fabulous that you want to play it more and more. You do battle in a waste city. There are streets, buildings, barrels, trenches and so on. You move around and kill enemies. Shoot opponents to take their life away. You are attacked by waves of rivals in friv 2019 Games online free


Before the first attack wave begins, run fast through streets to take a weapon and bullets to protect yourself. Become an old hand in fights. Be brave. Wipe out all enemies. You not only keep your life but also terminate opponents. You are likely to run, jump and shoot. You have 100 health points. You lose points after you are shot and injured by enemies. When running out of points, you die.


You gain achievements while playing. You have the first blood after killing the first enemy. You also can pick up a new weapon and use it. You are a survivor after surviving 4 waves. Players may use the health pack, blow up the barrel, or shoot 500 bullets at best friv 2019 Games. We have a leaderboard showing the rank of players. Give the best shot to appear on it. You are able to submit your score after finishing a battle.


If you love the shooting game, rate it with 5 stars. Show your assessment and comments. Introduce it to friends and family. Find Shell Shockers, and CS Portable from https://friv4school2019.net/.



  • Use arrows or W A S D to move.
  • Use the mouse to aim and shoot.
  • Use Space to jump, F to grab weapons.
  • Use F to grab health, N to show all controls. 


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