Tactical Squad GamePlay:

Tactical Squad is an action game that you can play here on friv new games. This game is quite violent, so I think that it is more suitable for adults to play. With Tactical Squad, the players have to deal with a number of foes in each level. To implement each mission, the players will be equipped a sniper rifle with a number of bullets and time to kill opponents.  Are you ready to show off your talent? Enjoy!

Also, you can select different contexts on the map such as bridge, city, station, street or city square that you love to play. With a short time in each level, the player’s main goal is to avoid innocent target, destroy the foes and move the next missions. One more thing, you should try your best to earn as much money as possible because you can use the money to purchase better rifles in battle.

Do you want to put your name on this list? Knock all your opponents down now! The enemy will appear constantly and move in the places where many innocent people live. So, at all costs, you must avoid killing innocent people in the city because they are really kind and pitiful.

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With Tactical Squad, the players can use the mouse to shoot the foes or tap directly on the touch devices.

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