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Solitaire Classic is a free card game which is playable on friv school Games for kids. Solitaire Classic may be such an enduring online game, because not everyone has the privilege of a table full of capable card players to enjoy a refreshing card game. Easily playable with a standard deck of cards, the straight-forward rules of how to to stack, sort and arrange the cards still allows for both relaxation and interesting decisions.

Put very simply Solitaire Classic is a very fancy and playful way of sorting cards by suit and color. After shuffling the cards and laying out seven piles, you follow a fairly simply rule. Every face-up card can be placed on top of another face-up card, provided it is of a different color, and directly descending in order. So a red 5 may be placed on top of a black 6, but not vice versa. A diamond card may not be placed on a heart, or a spade on a club. 

With each game at https://friv4school2019.net/, you get to be a little more practiced in planning ahead, scanning the columns for opportunities to sort cards and step by step speeding up your game. Can you split this column here and slide a 6 of clubs in? Will that open up a spot for a King to start a brand new column? Once the aces are out, you can start removing cards from the columns and into their respective suit deck. How fast can you wrap up a game of Solitaire Classic? Find out here!

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