Snake Pro GamePlay:

Today I will introduce to you a similar game called Snake Pro. You will very soon find the similarities between two games. I can say that there is only the different background that helps differentiate them. In the game at friv for games, you will direct the snake to eat the foods which are the colorful pellets. The more pellets you eat, the bigger and stronger you are. It’s also the goal that the players of Snake Pro should achieve: be the longest snake. Just live and eat.

 A game similar to Snakes. Hold on screen to move your snack, and double touch to move faster. Feed your snake some yummy pellets while avoiding the other snakes on the field. Survive for as long as possible to show the world you are a true snake pro. Eat enough food and survive long enough to secure a high score on the leaderboards. Do not run into your opponents or you will die. The very good food you shouldn’t miss is the pellets from the dying snake. Eating them, you will grow very quickly. Have fun!

Do not miss the game if you are ready for the upcoming special things. In addition, https://friv4school2019.net/ also introduce players to similar new games with this interesting game such as Saga of Cragen: Stones Of Thum


Snake Pro is playable on both computer and portable devices (smartphones and tablets).

For PC, you just move the mouse to direct the snake. For portable devices, you touch the screen to play.

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