Sand Worm GamePlay:

Take the role of the dreadful Sand Worm and destroy mankind in Sand Worm at friv for school 2019 free Games? Do you dare? Well, Sand Worm is a new online game play that enables you to take part in a bruising battle between a big monster sand worm and mankind. Are you ready for coming battle?


Click to start! At the beginning, you are just a small monster worm. To grow up and become stronger, you need to eat soldiers, collect health points and destroys tanks, helicopters and so on. Try to kill as many enemies as you can before they beat you down. Be the strongest worm and set the highest score possible! Hope you would like this game and have fun! 

Even you can also eat fossilized dinosaur bones in the ground. At https://friv4school2019.net/, the number of enemy troops will appear and increase constantly, so keep digging through the ground and deliver surprise attacks on the enemies. Be careful with their bullets and explosives if you don’t want to die.



Use the arrow keys to play this game on the computer and tap directly on the screen if you play on smartphone and tablet.

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