Robbie GamePlay:

Robbie is a fascinating cool racing game at friv 2019 play Games. Robbie is a small cute robot. He lives in a spaceship. You complete levels to help Robbie. He must find out the way out in all stages. Let’s see what is happening. While Robbie was running, another robot split paint on him. He needs to take a bath. 


In level 2, you need to move and take a signal tool to wake up a security robot. That robot presses a button to lift him up. He takes the first card. Use a magnet to stop a big machine which is about to attack you. A yellow robot helps you find the way out. Next, collect a card from a revolving machine. Cross the moving bridge and exit. 


In level 6, you fall down on and get stuck in a hole. Make use of a magnet to solve the problem. Cool lava off to make lava solid. Pass electric lines to go out. Hide in a box so that camera cannot find you and use a magnet to lift high. Face a bulldozer and collect another card. Small yellow robots always support you in a wide range of levels.


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  • Use the mouse to click the character and buttons.
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