Robbers In Town GamePlay:

Two thieves have a getaway at Robbers In Town of friv 4 game. They escape from a local prison. They will run away from the town. Two criminals even steal packs of money. However, it is hard to beat a retreat. You are engrossed in Robbers In Town game. Holes and cliffs are very dangerous.


Robbers In Town online game is so interesting that you can’t help playing it. Do yourself proud after passing any level. You practice with the tutorial mode at first so that you may understand what to do. Learn how to overcome obstructions in firv games for free. After you get used to the jumps, you begin the adventure immediately.


Unlock the gate to help two thieves escape. They run and jump over obstacles. Obstructions are wooden barrels or rocky cliffs. Big boxes are put on the way to stop you. You have to jump over them. Sometimes a pile of boxes can prevent two robbers. Some boxes fly in the air. The distance between boxes changes at firv games player. Act fast and move exactly. Jump over holes. They appear suddenly, so watch out. Don’t forget to catch golden stars. When you complete one level, your stars will turn up. You get a maximum of 3 stars in every stage.


Moneybags will hover above boxes. When robbers make successful jumps, they catch money. Your property will be shown after the game ends. If you bump into boxes or fall down, you will lose the game. Reload to begin a new turn. There are 4 challenges including jailbreak, desert, mountains, and jungle on firv games for school. You are supposed to make a getaway and across a desert, the range of mountain, and dark forest. One challenge has four stages. You shall complete them one by one. To unlock level 2, you are forced to finish level 1.


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How to play:

  • Tap to start.
  • Press the right arrow to make the first robber jump.
  • Press the left arrow to make the second robber jump.
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