Rail Rush GamePlay:

Rail Rush is a fun endless avoid game which you can play with many players. Control your character and mine cart and try to stay on the rails for as long as possible - jump over obstacles and broken pieces of track and collect the gold coins as your hurtle through the abandoned railway. 

At first, warming up by the training section and you should remember all things you’ve been trained. Everything is sudden in the game. You will face many obstacles, dead rails and crashes. Therefore at friv game for kids, keep your mind to handle problems in time and drive as long as you can. Don’t forget that you are a gold digger, so do your best to gain as many valuable golden nuggets as possible. You can use your golden nuggets to buy new characters or upgrade your cart. It sounds thrilling, right? Don't hesitate anymore, play it and show your talent right now!

Let’s try yourself with Rail Rush to see how agile you are! So, handling situations quickly is the key to win the game. You will take the part of a gold digger in a mysterious cave with menacing sound and not see the endpoint. At this time, your task is to keep rushing on an elevated rail, if not, you die. Are you ready to start? Get in your cart and go!

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Arrow Up to Jump

Arrow Down to Duck

A / D Key to Dodge

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