Perfect Slices GamePlay:

Perfect Slices is a satisfying game which is playable here on friv games for free. In the game, you will become a chef in a restaurant, whose main task of slicing vegetables and fruits before cooking them. The food will move on an automatic conveyor. You need to hold your finger continuously to control the knife to slice this Food. The list of processed foods will display at the top of the screen. You complete the game when you have enough number of ingredients that the game required. Of course, you will not be able to complete it easily. There are obstacles between the foods. When you hit them, something bad happens. If the obstacle is a wood, your knife will lose control for about 1 second. However, if the obstacle is a table, the knife will break then you have to replay the levels.

High score is the ultimate goal in each level. To achieve more point, you should pay attention to control the knife. As mentioned, the controls in the game are simple, in which you can touch and hold to slice as well as drop to stop. The key point here is when you need to slice or stop. Besides at https://friv4school2019.net/, you need to keep the knife working continuously as well as know the time to avoid obstacles. You can see the number displayed next to the score, which shows your knife movement speed. The maximum can be 5 times. Then, you can score more points and can slice more Food. The gameplay seems repetitive, but the obstacles are constantly changing, which makes gamers never bored.

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Use the mouse to play this game.

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