Mini Fighters : Death battles GamePlay:

Play the best RPG Beat 'Em Up action game of all time ! In a medieval fantasy world, legions of orcs, dragons, skeletons, and other creatures are invading your lands and starting to kill all the people. You must stop them and protect your people thanks to your warriors: the Mini Fighters. Mini Fighters: Death BATTLES is an action game where you need to kill enemies coming from both sides of the screen. Just tap at the right time to hit the enemy. Also, many games suit your taste are available for free here. Why don’t you seek for what you love? Or just enjoy Minecraft Ballance Challenge and Boxing fighter : Super punch at https://friv4school2019.net/

Instructions: Enemies will be coming from both sides! You need to tap at the right time to hit the enemies else the enemies will hit you. Some of the enemies are stronger so you need to tap them several times; others also move very fast so you'll need to tap them on you.

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