Ludo Legend GamePlay:

Ludo Legend is a first-class board games game which is playable on friv free online Games. A real Ludo Legend can adapt on the fly. Things aren't always going to go the way that you want in this fun kids game, because your opponents will throw you plenty of curveballs to be sure. It seems easy - simply get your four pieces around the game board and into the center. Roll the dice, move your piece, and that's it, right? Not so fast. You’re not the only one playing, after all...

This game comes with a big and exciting twist. If another player lands on the same spot as one of your pieces, you get sent back to the start! There is no room for politeness if you want to win, so hunt your opponents down before they can get you first. You know what really helps? Rolling a six. This will allow you to cover more ground, get your pieces out of the starting zone, and earn extra turns. Good luck with this Ludo Legend game, you’ll need it!

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