Hop Quest GamePlay:

In the Hop Quest, you will hop toward platforms without encountering dangerous obstacles as well as enemy attacks. The obstacles will continuously come your way. They are deadly traps that platforms are strewn with spikes or attached with a TNT box. Underneath you, there is a sharp saw which is always ready to crush you up. And platforms are not always firm, they can drop at any time except the luminous blue ones – you will fall down with them as soon as you jump onto them.


Therefore at friv 2019, observe carefully and keep your mind on considering when to take a step. You meet aggressive foes on the way, too. Then, use your sword to beat them down. Don't forget you have a shield that can help to keep you out of enemy attacks. You get 3 lives at the beginning of the game, which means you are allowed to be attacked or caught in traps three times. When the lives are used up, the game is over.


You should also know that once you fall out of your way, you lose the game immediately regardless of whether there are still lives or not. Do your best to survive as long as you can and go further in this interesting quest! Collect precious gold coins to unlock new heroes! Good luck and have fun!


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How to play?

★ Press A or Left arrow key to attack;

★ S or Up arrow key to jump

★ D or Right arrow key to defend.

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