Hop Don't Stop GamePlay:

Hop Don’t Stop is a thrilling action running game which is playable on friv game 2019. Like other similar running games, you should control the bunny carefully so that he does not run into the obstacles which can make him become a loser. To sum up, all you have to do is swiping, ducking, and running as far as possible. There you go to win Hop Don’t Stop. It’s not easy at all, so please think about it.

In this game, your goal is to collect as many gems as possible while travelling as far as possible. For every gem you collect, you will fill up the boost bar. Once the boost bar is completely filled you will gain a boost level. Each boost level will speed up the game. Each gems you collect will play a note – collecting a bunch of gems rapidly will play a sweet melody. There are also some scattered power ups in the game that will aid you in your endless hopping. 

This game is chosen and relaxed by many online game players around the world in their free time. Share with your friends if they are also looking for a new game to relax in their free time. In addition, https://friv4school2019.net/ also introduce players to similar new games with this interesting game such as Dino Run and Block Man


Left/ Right to Hop on the direction

Arrows Up to Jump

Arrows Down to Duck

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