Dungeon Grove GamePlay:

Dungeon Grove is the rogue like game that you can play here on wwwfriv. You are a little boy on a massive adventure to defeat all of the monsters within the dark and scary caves. You are a brave young boy who wants to prove themselves in the most epic way and defeat all of the monsters with nothing other than your mighty ball.


At fri v, try to get deeper into the forest by killing enemies and collect their dropped coins. With the coins you can refill your health or buy a heavier weapon with limited ammo. The enemies will have more health and will also move faster and faster as you go deeper into the woods. Besides the shop room there are treasure rooms too wich can potentially give extra coins and hearts.


After you defeat each monster they will drop money that they have found, take the money to use towards buying even better and more improved weapons. These improved will make you stronger and more capable of defeating even more big scary monsters. Good luck!


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Use the WASD or arrow keys to move the character
The left click to shoot

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