Draw and Guess GamePlay:

Draw and Guess is the online drawing game which is playable friv4school 2019 unblocked. This is a great game you can play with your family and friends, and have fun. The game allows you and a friend to play a game of guessing what each other has drawn. Master player creates a game and other players join to that game. Master player types a word to guess and starts drawing. 


Your to start will be given a word, it is up to them to use the creativity and artistic skill to draw something that visually represents the word. Other players can see what master is drawing and try to guess the word. Players see the Master's word shuffled in their screen. And try to put them in order, and submit their guesses. Once your drawing is successfully guessed it's you turn to o the guessing! Have fun!


You can play this game using wireless network or only bluetooth. It does not matter which one it is. It is up to the other player to successfully guess the word using a hang-man like system where they can choose letters to fill in the blank word. You will get points based on how quickly the word is guessed. 


If you are confident of your skills, try out this game and some more games with the same theme at https://friv4school2019.net/. All the games such as Draw Best are available for free!



Use the mouse to play this games

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