Drag Race 3D GamePlay:

Drag Race 3D is an exciting racing game at friv 2019 Games play. You will sit in a car. Use tools and buttons to control it. Begin the race by pushing the gas pedal. It is a red button in the right. You can make a perfect transformation when RPM arrow is in the green area. A mini-map shows your race. You know where you are and how far it is from your position to the finish line. You also see the speed on the display. 


You must compete with another car. Try to beat it. Otherwise, you will lose. If you are not the car which crosses the finish firstly, you will be the loser. After a race ends, you know result including launch bonus, perfect shifts, race prize, and total score. Go out of your way to be the champion. Get scores as many as you can. Maybe you fail to win at some first races. However, drive and make progress. You pull through finally. Replay to continue the race and go farther. 


When you have some money, you can buy new pieces of equipment and upgrade your car. Many modern cars with fashionable design and cool functions are available in the shop. Earn enough money to afford them. You perhaps upgrade parts such as engine or gas power. You can have an ultimate vehicle. 


Are you attached to this game? Enter the races of Lamborghini Drifter and 18 Wheels Driver. Type your reviews and rate games with 5 stars. Introduce them to friends and acquaintance. Remember to visit https://friv4school2019.net/ at least once.  



  • Use the mouse to play.
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