Battleship Online GamePlay:

Battleship Online is a cool version of the popular board game that you can play here on Friv 2020. Play against other players from around the world and try to guess where their ships are located to destroy all of them before they destroy yours. This game is all about strategy and luck, so choose you attacks carefully and hope for the best. You can use special weapons to make more damage and clear largest parts of the field. Have fun!

Two players challenge each other by using a 10×10 grid in Battleship. The player who destroys the totality of their opponent’s fleet wins the game. After the ships are randomly positioned, each opponent fire upon squares in the adverse grid and tries to sink their enemies fleet in turns. The program indicates automatically whether there has been a hit or a miss. When a player hits an opponent’s ship, they can fire again. Papergames.io allows you to use a variety of weapons: on top of anti-ship missiles, players also have the possibility of launching air-to-surface bombs which strike 5 squares in the shape of a “+” pattern.

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