Battle Simulator GamePlay:

Battle Simulator welcome you to friv4school. If you are more the strategic type of gamer, and not the aggressive fighter that goes on punching heads and slicing throats, here’s a totally accurate battle simulator for you. May the best army win!


You will have the choice between 3 units: Barbarian, Lancer, Archer! Cross 2 different biomes in 30 unique levels! Place your troops all over your side of the field. Observe how your enemy’s army is built and choose wisely what kind of warriors you would like to use. Once you are ready, start the battle and watch how it goes. Think you are a good leader? Find out now with this ultimate epic Battle Simulator!


Is it attractive enough for you? If you want to explore more, you can play with this list of games like Super Castle Sprint at https://friv4school2019.net/. Why don’t you try to play and give some comments? Have fun! 



Use the mouse to select / place / view

Use Arrows / WASD to move camera

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