Astrodigger GamePlay:

Astrodigger Mobile is a funny puzzle game which you can play with many players. This is suitable for many different objects as children or adults because it is quite easy to play. The most important point is that Astrodigger Mobile will bring to the players many wonderful experiences. The player’s main goal is to dig down the ground to collect diamonds, golds and many other minerals.

There are 25 levels in total waiting for you to collect all diamonds and minerals now. To gain the high score and save much time, the players should find out the shortest way to collect precious minerals. One more thing, you should try your best to achieve as many points as possible because you can use them to buy some necessary things such as protective suits, mine or upgrades. With that, it’s much easier for you to complete the higher levels.

However, when you can not move forward due to rock, you can use some supportive items such as TNT or time machine to solve the problem. Besides, you can buy upgrades for your gear and make your protective suit more long-lasting to dig deeper and deeper.

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There are two basic ways to play Astrodigger Mobile: Click mouse to interact or use some keys on the computer.

Players can use leftwards and rightwards arrow to move left, move right and shoot the barriers to earn valuable gems.

Use upwards and downwards arrow to go ahead, go back and shoot.

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